LEXINGTON BAKES Radical Ingredient Transparency®

Radical Ingredient Transparency®

We're setting a new industry standard

of transparency & traceability

empowering you to hold brands accountable for their impact

valrhona andoa noir


above and beyond the standard
ingredient list to radically share
specific ingredient partners

cacao tree


radical transparency so you can
trace every single ingredient to its
origin and ethical sourcing.

hands making a heart shape


Empowering you to hold brands
accountable by supporting brands
that support fair & ethical trade

Never wonder, “What's in this?”

We go above and beyond the standard industry ingredient list to provide unprecedented transparency and traceability by listing our specific ingredient brands and partners on our products.

So you never have to wonder, “What’s in this?

Our treats leave you wondering about the extraordinary effort that went into bringing such globally celebrated ingredients together rather than worrying if naughty ingredients are lurking in your treats.

Take a look at our Radical Ingredient Transparency on our packaging below.