About Lexington Bakes

Consciously Baked™
Luxe Treats

Lexington Bakes is a luxury bakeshop serving up Consciously Baked™ Luxe Treats.

From delicately rich fudge luxury brownies to cheerfully bright buttery luxury blondies and sinfully decadent luxury cookies, our unique and extraordinary treats are handmade in Los Angeles with our guiding principle of Radical Ingredient Transparency™.

We believe the best ingredients are natural and ethically sourced with kindness and respect for people and the planet. Not only do we list the ingredients in each of our treats, but we are fully transparent about how we source our premium ingredients.

We want you to know exactly what's in your next bite, so you can have your dessert and feel good about it too.

Founded by designer, writer, and self-taught pastry chef Lex Evan, LXB officially launched online in 2022, and is slowly growing a loyal fanbase.

Follow us along our journey to building LXB on instagram @lexingtonbakes.

Just Getting Started

While we work our way to opening a physical store front, we bake all our treats by hand in our commissary kitchen in Van Nuys and ship nationwide with 3-day shipping.

We offer local pickup from our headquarters in West Hollywood for orders placed online, and are working on launching at markets, pop-ups, and local same-day delivery very soon.

Thank you for joining us on our delicious journey.

Our Story

Consciously Baked™

"I developed my sweet tooth early in life; I remember eating sugar by the spoonful as a child. As I've grown and developed my palate, I've come to understand dessert is more than spoonfuls of sugar. Great dessert amplifies our victories and softens our tough times. Great dessert connects us all through the art and flavor of culture and it reminds us to savor the sweet moments in our lives.

In 2016, I began teaching myself how to bake my favorite desserts. From American classics like brownies, cupcakes and sweet pies to French staples like macarons, cream puffs, and eclairs; and even my childhood favorites from Greece.

As I continued to study pastry, I became curious of the ingredients I was using and began researching how these ingredients are cultivated and produced. I became aware of how the production of raw ingredients impacts the environment, people, and animals involved. That's when I became passionate about Consciously Baking.

I began using ingredients that are natural and ethically sourced with kindness and respect for people and the planet. Knowing the ingredients used to make your treats are sourced fairly and responsibly makes great dessert even better.

Bakeries do not typically disclose the specifics of their ingredients, so I started Lexington Bakes with a guiding principle of Radical Ingredient Transparency™ because I believe you should know exactly what is in your next bite.

Dessert should always leave you with a sweet moment, and knowing your treats are Consciously Baked™ is the only way to ensure that.

LXB is Consciously Baked with love, kindness & respect."

💛 Lex Evan
Founder, CEO & Chef

Our Standards

make the bake

In our bakeshop, ingredients make the bake.

Our baking journey began with a curiosity to learn how to make our favorite bakes. But as we learned to bake, we grew more curious of the ingredients used to make these delicious treats.

We made it our mission to use natural & ethical gourmet ingredients sourced with kindness and respect for people and the planet.