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Consciously Baked
Luxury Treats™

LEXINGTON BAKES (LXB) makes eco-conscious luxury treats with natural, organic, and ethical clean ingredients and a guiding principle of Radical Ingredient Transparency™.

We believe the best ingredients are natural and ethically sourced with kindness and respect for people and the planet. And we believe you deserve to know exactly what's in your next bite, so we list the specific ingredients we use in each product to provide radical transparency, traceability, and accountability.

Our elevated classic American treats deliver iconic flavor and nostalgic warmth for an epic moment of unexpected delight. LXB treats will never leave you feeling empty or cheated with anything artificial. Because good dessert is honest and leaves you with a sweet feeling of knowing everyone involved, from those harvesting to those celebrating, are treated fairly.

Founded by brand designer and self-taught pastry chef Lex Evan, LXB officially launched online in 2022. Within three months we landed on the shelves of 22 Foxtrot Market stores and sold out in the first week! Since then we've found success in more retail locations from LA to NYC and many places in-between. Where to find us.

Follow us along our journey to building LXB on instagram @lexingtonbakes.

Our Story

Consciously Baked

LEXINGTON BAKES started with a curious question, "what's in this?"

Box mix brownies were my favorite growing up. As I got older, I started to question what was in the mix. Eventually my curiosity got the best of me. One autumn weekend in 2016 I bought a kitchen aid mixer and began teaching myself how to make all my favorite desserts from scratch. In a matter of weeks, I went from cookies and cupcakes to macarons and eclairs.

As I mastered the basics and realized how much better dessert is outside of the box, my curiosity turned to raw ingredients. Learning about highly processed and artificial ingredients, toxic pesticides, exploitative and forced labor practices, and inhumane treatment of animals in the food world left me with a bad taste. So, I started working with cleaner, organic, and more ethically sourced ingredients.

I always thought it would be cost prohibitive to start a bakery with these principles, but in Nov 2021 my IG community proved me wrong. They convinced me to start LXB by pre-ordering $5,000 worth of my luxury brownies in 5 days through an IG poll, a google form, and venmo.

In 2022, I formally launched LEXINGTON BAKES with a mission to clean up dessert and a guiding principle of Radical Ingredient Transparency™ so you never have to wonder, "what's in this?"

LXB is Consciously Baked with love, kindness & respect."

Founder, CEO & Chef

Our Standards

make the bake

In our bakeshop, ingredients make the bake.

Our baking journey began with a curiosity to learn how to make our favorite bakes. But as we learned to bake, we grew more curious of the ingredients used to make these delicious treats.

We made it our mission to use natural & ethical organic ingredients sourced with kindness and respect for people and the planet.