**NEW BITE-SIZED 2oz FORMAT AND 25% Less Sugar per serving**

A Real Good Treat.
For you & Planet.™

Nostalgic treats. Better than you remember.
Made with organic and fair trade ingredients.

Radical Ingredient Transparecny®

We're setting a new industry standard.
So you never have to wonder, “What's in this?”

No Naughty Ingredients™

Nothing artificial, no sugar alcohols, soy, gums,
corn, bleached flour, or weird oils.

A Real Good Treat
Makes A Real Good Gift

Treats arrive in our luxury white marble gift boxes

Treat yourself. or a bestie. 🫶


A Real Good Treat. For You & The Planet.

LEXINGTON BAKES, LXB for short, is an eco-conscious luxury dessert brand serving NOSTALGIC TREATS. BETTER THAN YOU REMEMBER™.

Classic American treats, like brownies and cookies, made better with over 99% Organic Ingredients, over 40% Fair Trade ingredients and NO NAUGHTY INGREDIENTS™.

LXB was founded in 2022 by self-taught pastry chef, Lex Evan, on guiding principles of RADICAL INGREDIENT TRANSPARENCY® and Responsible Fair Trade to empower consumers, improve equitability, and inspire radical change in the food industry. So you never have to wonder, “What's in this?

Our New American Classics™ deliver iconic flavor and nostalgic warmth for an epic moment of unexpected delight. LXB treats will never leave you feeling empty or cheated with anything artificial. 

"Good dessert is honest and leaves you with a sweet feeling of knowing everyone involved, from those harvesting to those celebrating are treated fairly," - Lex Evan, Founder, CEO & Chef.

Nostalgic Treats. Better than you remember.™